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About Us


Birlik Collection is a company that has been operating as a pioneering and respected brand in the wholesale clothing industry since the 1990s, adopting a principle of quality and reliable service.

It is a constantly growing and developing company with its solid infrastructure and international business approach. Birlik Collection has established the NewColor brand in 2014 and has opened its first store in Istanbul. Having the vast experience of more than thirty years of entrepreneurial and innovative vision, we bring a new color, a new excitement and a different perspective to the fashion. Since the NewColor brand has been established, Birlik Collection exports its own products all over the world, especially to Russia, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East countries. Our priorities are quality, mass production, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, due to which NewColor has taken a privileged position in the wholesale clothing industry.

This is a brand that carefully analyzes all the processes from design to presentation, and determines an acceptable pricing strategy. Working with a sense of responsibility towards people, nature and culture, NewColor aims to become a brand in the industry.


To be a "Global Brand" that is modeled in the sector, trusted by its quality, respected and leading by making first quality product, with a constant innovative growth.


To be an indispensable business partner for our customers by offering quality and comfort together at an affordable price with innovative designs, combination options, and to pursue the interests of all our interest groups without compromising our ethical values.


NewColor combines women's fashion with functional creations by reinterpreting fashion and trend fabrics, innovative details and striking colors. Our designers follow the universal trends and combine the inspiration they receive with their rich experience to design clothes for every occasion. While creating the patterns, they pay attention to the global dimensions. It underlines the identity of a brand that determines the style, depth and richness clothing trends in our brand's collections. Its products exhibit a timeless style, however, it also takes into consideration the trends of fashion and aims to catch these trends with maximum comfort.


NewColor knows how valuable the time of its customers is and just like them, it always adopts to reach the best in the shortest time. NewColor works to achieve its quality in the fastest way in the rush of modern life. For this purpose, it constantly improves all of its services to practice the lives of its customers and tries to add new ones.


Our brand, which has a strong moral reputation and environmental awareness, primarily uses raw materials that provide high quality and maximum recycling for quality products. It shapes the high and pure quality offered by nature in its products and presents it to its customers. While producing these high quality products, in the facilities that have international occupational health and safety and comply with the world quality standards, they shape the products in the most suitable way for human molds by using high technology machines. All stitches and details are subjected to detailed quality checks and tests before the product is brought together with the customer, so that the products are presented to the customer in a complete and perfect way.




NewColor is a company built on trust. It is aware of the importance of being a reliable manufacturer for its business. It will carry its superior standards, which it has achieved by working for many years, further with a transparent and reliable communication.




The basis of his work is based on the principle of accuracy.


Adding Value


It aims to add value to the process while trying to achieve the results desired by its customers by using advanced production techniques and product information.




It is innovative at every stage of the product development process. It follows the technological innovations and uses these innovations within itself.




Business understanding; to combine technical excellence, competitive cost, outstanding service and social cohesion.